Boyce Avenue Live At The Indigo2

On Friday, myself and my best friend headed into London for a bit of shopping and then to see Boyce Avenue. She got me the tickets for my birthday and I was beyond excited for the day to come! We headed into Westfield Stratford to shop and at lunch at TGI Friday's which was so yummy! If you want to see what I purchased, you can check that out here. Once we had finished shopping we headed to the tube and made our way to The O2. If your going to the O2 for an event, I would defiantly recommend parking at Westfield, it's £5 for 24 hours and the tube is only 4 stops from the O2 so its defiantly the cheapest and easiest way I have found to get to the O2. 
Boyce Avenue

Surveys = Money?!

Opinion Outpost has quickly become one of my favourite websites. I heard about it a couple of years ago but never really took an interest in it until last week when Charles Trippy mentioned it in a video so I headed on over and signed up. Opinion Outpost is a website that pays you in points for each survey you complete which you can trade in for iTunes vouchers, Amazon Vouchers or PayPal money. 

I questioned the site when I first signed up and thought I was a bit of a fix and that you could ever have enough points to redeem but as I have been using the site for the past week, I can 100% say that everything is correct and you can actually redeem your points, which I have already one once. 

Kindle Reading

Lately, I have really got into reading books again, especially on my Kindle. I'm one of those people that if and when I start a book, the world has to stop until I finish reading it, I just can't seem to put books down so I always have to make sure I have a few hours to do nothing before I can start one. Since getting my Kindle a few years ago for my birthday I have really fallen in love with it. Its so much easier to read on than books I feel and I don't get that awkward hand pain from holding a book for too long.

One of the main reasons I prefer having a kindle is because it can hold so many books, when I used to read books in actual book form they took up so much space where as with this I can have them all in one place and carry them all where ever I go. The battery life on this is pretty impressive, I must have read for at least 15 hours on it before the battery even went down so it's perfect for travel.